Common Interracial Stereotypes Issues in Society

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For some time, there have been various misconceptions surrounding interracial relationships. These stereotypes have for a significant time, painted a faint picture about interracial couples and parties have tried to demystify these notions. Some common stereotypes about interracial relationships include;

Some people believe that if they date a person from a different race, it disqualifies them from being racists.This is however not true.  There have been discussions around interracial couples not engaging in truthful conversations about racism. The couples should be able and willing to address racism issue directly, by being sensitive and respectful. Healthy relationships are characterized by consistent listening, utmost honesty, and the willingness to accommodate your partner’s identity.

Public Perception
Humans have always been judgmental in our ways of thinking, we love to point out and criticize even if we are not knowledgeable in the subject matter. Interracial relationships still face public criticisms, despite majority of the population claiming to support interracial couples. One interracial couple was on the record stating how maliciously other members of the public look at them whenever they take a stroll on the streets. The different public experience extends to bars and restaurants where waiters and waitresses ask the couples whether the bill should be split or they are paying together. This shows interracial relationships are still not vastlyrecognized.

Interracial couples are not in for love
There still exist people who believe that interracial couples are together because it is either exclusively or mutually beneficial, and never because of love. For example, for the purpose of making a political statement. Despite having different pigmentation, interracial couples share some real traits and therefore that is enough proof that they are together because of love.
Family and friends are at ease with interracial relationships
Research has proved that those people who hail from areas that are less insensitive to racial differences are more likely to date people from the same race as compared to people who come from places that are tolerant to racial differences. If a family does not have any history of interracial relationships, it may be difficult for subsequent generation to engage in such. If there happen to be interracial relationship, it may be an isolated case and in some cases considered rebellious.

The media genuinely portrays interracial relationships
In cases where interracial couples are incorporated in the media, such as commercials, they are portrayed in greatly stereotyped ways. The media does not usually show interracial relationships as a cozy affair and they receive a vast amount of backlash. The media needs to depict interracial couples as a norm. This will help the general public accept the common issues of such relationships.

The historical background ofthe partner’s race is irrelevant
Taking into account how races were treated in the past can prove important to improve coexistence. Race holds a colossal political, social and historical pressure and for that reason, cannot be ignored. Some black men in interracial relationships are still viewed as “stealing” white men’s women.

The above stereotypes need to be discarded in this day and age, and consequently interracial couples be viewed as people who are enjoined because of love.

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